Joining Epping Community Services Hub as a Partner Organisation

Epping Community Services Hub (ECSH) co-locates a range of organisations in order to deliver an efficient, effective and comprehensive suite of services which respond to the needs and aspirations of a large and diverse community.

ECSH also seeks to grow the quantum of, and access to services and programs available to the local community as well as facilitate community development and regeneration through the ongoing implementation of strategies designed to increase community capacity.

ECSH Guiding principles:

  • A collaborative approach with services offered from a central and jointly operated centre is a more easily accessed response to individual needs and provides for a more holistic and cost effective approach;
  • The suite of services, programs and activities provided by a range of organisations located in ECSH, balances the requirement to target those most in need, with approaches for prevention and early intervention, along with building and strengthening individual and community capacity;
  • ECSH creates a welcoming and active space that is seen as part of the fabric of the community and that people are confident in accessing the space and the services provided;
  • Provides and supports services that are accessible, responsive and successful in addressing changing, evolving and emerging community needs over time;
  • Based on a collaborative and multi-disciplinary practice approach;
  • Provides inter-connected services, whilst preserving and protecting the distinctive cultures, histories and identities of participating organisations, now and into the future; and
  • A commitment to support and link with other organisations to enable cooperative and coordinated service planning, increase innovative practice and ensures responsiveness to clients and community need.

ECSH is a partnership between community service organisations working in collaboration from a central hub, contributing to a strong and healthy community. The partnership is governed collaboratively through a governance and decision making body that leads strategic decision making and planning between ESCH partner organisations and will be responsible for strategic decision making required to support strategy development, joint activity, governance and planning.

If you would like to find out more about joining ECSH as a Partner Organisation please contact us on 1300 015 107 or email

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