Vision & purpose


A vibrant hub of community connection.


Improve the performance of service systems which serve the communities of Epping and surrounds, by​

  • co-locating community services in a single facility, ​
  • facilitating collaboration between service providers,
  • and ​improving program linkages.


This intervention is delivered through a partnership between the City of Whittlesea and several not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations who provide community services. The partners commit to the following approach: ​

We are a group of not-for-profit organisations that co-locate the provision of community services from a single facility, and yet we are more than co-tenants. As partners we collaborate with each other to create added value and enhance each other’s capacity to achieve mutually beneficial goals. We actively pursue higher levels of connectedness and togetherness among our networks, also known as network cohesion. We are proactive in learning from and about each other and we do this by building productive relationships and sharing expertise among partners. We exchange information and share resources and costs, including jointly staffing projects when necessary. Where appropriate, we jointly plan, develop and deliver initiatives, projects and services that benefit the partnership and the community.​

For the individuals and families who engage with our services, we consider all their needs and aspirations and respond holistically. We do this by supporting their engagement with all the services they might benefit from, regardless of how or where they initially connect with our partnership. To support individuals and families to navigate a complex suite of service offerings, we smooth their transition between services and the organisations who provide them by communicating and co-ordinating efforts across the partnership. In doing so we provide a seamless, timely and holistic service experience that supports the achievement of favourable outcomes for individuals, their families and the community.

​By engaging in these new ways of behaving, working, and leading we demonstrate that our collaborative and integrated approach to community service delivery is not only feasible, but an exemplar of best practice in the sector. ​

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