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Australian Apprenticeship Program

MAS National

MAS national is an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider contracted by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training to support business, apprentices, trainees across Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. There are multiple parts of this service, aimed to support both individuals and business owners:

  • Career coaching (Gateway Services)
  • Recruitment Services
  • Workforce development
  • Registration of Apprentices and Trainees (Universal service)
  • Ongoing support and mentoring (in training support services)
  • Incentive administration

Workplace Health and Safety checks – IntoSafety

We have a specialised Workplace Health and Safety professional who is dedicated to supporting business to meet Workplace Health and Safety requirements. IntoSafety can help you become an employer of choice by providing a healthy and safe workplace.

Ph: 1300 627 628

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